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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Princess goes to another show

I took Princess to a 4-H show yesterday. There were a lot of kids there. It at times was quite a chaotic scene. Especially in the warm up arena. There would be 30 people in there and most of them kids not paying attention to anyone but themselves. Princess handled it all really well. One lady rode by me and said "this is not good, I have less than 90 days on my horse." I told her "well I have 18 rides and only had the horse 49 days out of wild." She just looked shocked.

We rode English first in walk/class. She just trotted around like a pro. I was just schooling so I wasn't riding for a ribbon.

We did a western equitation walk/trot class. Our friend was there, Kim Ross with her EMM horse Aspen. They were in the same class as us. She had an excellent ride on her horse and got 7Th place out of 15 horses!

Then we did a western class. We cantered in that class and got a 2ND place ribbon. That was 2ND out of 3 horses!!! It was a very good day! Princess handled herself very well. Out in the show ring she kept moving, and her head was coming down were I would like it to be. For as long of a day as it was, from 8:00a.m. till 6:00a.m. she did real well, but she let me know when she had enough, so we packed it up and went home.


Tracey said...

Wow...good size crowd there! That's great, and Princess is handling it so well.

" I told her "well I have 18 rides and only had the horse 49 days out of wild."

Oh, I love it! I made a comment somewhat like that a couple of weeks ago to a lady who's excuse for bad behavior was 'my horse hasn't been out of his pen for the last two weeks'. She totally didn't get that mine had been wild just four weeks ago...thought that was why he was better behaved...he'd been 'out' of a pen, lol! Some folks are just nutty. two look great.

Rising Rainbow said...

It's good you could tell when she had enough. I pushed than envelope once and really paid for it. LOL