This blog is about the gentling of wild Mustangs and their stages of training.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Youth and Yearling Program

Tess and Riley cooling off~
Shelby on the left with her horse Wiley, Loren on the right with her horse Quest.
Both horses are from South Steins. The third Picture is of Isabelle and Rosie.

I am posting about our local youth and yearlings program. That is where kids ages 10-18 have 100 days to gentle a yearling mustang straight from the wild horse corals. The yearlings will be actioned off on August 28th and the kids with get some of the money from that. Here are a few kids and there babies.

Shelby and Wiley

Loren and Quest
These are both VERY nice horses!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Finally an update

At the horse show.

On the trail.
We took Jackson and Noche to the beach to ride the trails with some friends. It wasn't long before Jackson and Kevin were out in front leading. They soon disappeared ahead of us. They were trotting and walking and we finally got up with them. Kevin was standing on the ground and said his briddle broke and Jackson stopped anyway. We fixed the bridle with a zip tie and were on our way again. Kevin and Jackson were again way out in front and the next time we saw him he was on the top of the dunes getting ready to head down to the beach. Our friends horse stopped going up the dunes and wouldn't go. I tried to go around him on Noche and he got spooked and took off down the hill. He wasn't bucking really, just hunched up the back running. I remember thinking o.k. if I come off it's nothing but deep sand everywhere so it won't hurt too bad. Then Noche ducked right and I went left and went face first into a pine bush. I can remembering thinking when I hit "oh, this is bad,:" because the bush didn't give when I went in face first. The momentum of the nose dive caused my back to wrap around the bush. I heard lots of cracking in my back and was sure I broke three ribs. I couldn't move for about 5 minutes.I couldn't ride, it even hurt to walk. Finally got back to the trailer and headed home. The next day I went to the doctor and found out I have a cracked rib and pulled muscle in my back.
The next weekend we headed for Wild Trails Horse Expo in central Oregon. We took Jackson and Noche in In-Hand Trail and they did almost perfect. There were log jams and scarey things (the only thing they were afraid of was the crowd) We stayed at our friends house and put the boys in her coral. It's a four foot hog wire fence with electric on top. It starting raining and the boys got to playing and the next thing we new was Jackson jumped out of the coral without even touching the fence!!! He was easy to catch, and stayed in the pen the rest of the weekend. It was a great weekend!!