This blog is about the gentling of wild Mustangs and their stages of training.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Princess goes to another show

I took Princess to a 4-H show yesterday. There were a lot of kids there. It at times was quite a chaotic scene. Especially in the warm up arena. There would be 30 people in there and most of them kids not paying attention to anyone but themselves. Princess handled it all really well. One lady rode by me and said "this is not good, I have less than 90 days on my horse." I told her "well I have 18 rides and only had the horse 49 days out of wild." She just looked shocked.

We rode English first in walk/class. She just trotted around like a pro. I was just schooling so I wasn't riding for a ribbon.

We did a western equitation walk/trot class. Our friend was there, Kim Ross with her EMM horse Aspen. They were in the same class as us. She had an excellent ride on her horse and got 7Th place out of 15 horses!

Then we did a western class. We cantered in that class and got a 2ND place ribbon. That was 2ND out of 3 horses!!! It was a very good day! Princess handled herself very well. Out in the show ring she kept moving, and her head was coming down were I would like it to be. For as long of a day as it was, from 8:00a.m. till 6:00a.m. she did real well, but she let me know when she had enough, so we packed it up and went home.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our first trail ride!

What happened today refreshed my memory on why I love working with mustangs so much.
Yesterday I was working with Princess on her head set and it was a constant fight with her to give me her head. I left yesterday’s session feeling that I had accomplished something, but not what I really wanted.
Today when I put the bridle on her she instantly tucked her head, just from the weight of the reins. I wasn’t even on her. When she did that it makes me realize why I love working with mustangs so much. You show them something one day and the next day they retain it and you can move on from there. That’s what made the ride at the beach today so great. I felt good because I was working with a great new mustang and I wasn’t even thinking about the competition. That’s how much I enjoyed my day.
It was a beautiful day at the beach, 58 degrees and sunny. So there were a lot of people out. Princess handled everything wonderfully. There were kids everywhere running and flying kites. Trucks were driving on the beach and surfers with surf boards and lots of dogs. The only think that scared her was a surfer walking with his surf board on his back. He looked like a monster I’m sure. She took it all in stride though.
The video of Princess and me was taken on the way back from the Pelican Brewery & pub. Our favorite place to eat (I’m working on them as a sponsor).
But, where she really impressed me was when we got off the beach and onto the trails that meander through the trees. She took the lead if front of Dino. Walking, trotting and cantering along the narrow tree lined trails.
Then I rode her out into the lake. She went right out there like she had done it a thousand times. It was so relaxing to ride on the beach with her. But it’s making me fall in love with her more.
This horse will be great to whoever adopts here. She is smart, willing and loving.
The highlight of my day was watching Lisa canter Dino through the waves. The day only could have been better if my daughter and granddaughter could have been with us.

A day at the Beach!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Coming along nicely

Princess and I have been to the fairgrounds a couple of times this week. She is coming along nicely. I am starting to feel the pressure. I feel like I should be further along with her, but Lisa says I have made so much progress and that I should give it some more time. I say, "I am running out of time!"
Yesterday one of my students, (who is 13) rode Princess. She did really well with her. I wish we would have gotten a picture! Lisa rode her after that. She doesn't mind who rides her, she is so willing. I am real anxious to get her out on the trails. It is difficult when I work 5 days a week and it's dark when I get home.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 35

I rode Princess at home yesterday. The arena is finally dry enough. I set up a little trail coarse and had a very good ride. I put my show saddle on her and it fit her better than the other one. I also switched her to a snaffle, which she took to very well. She is cantering by voice command now. She is just doing awesome!!

She then got a bath with warm water (she is a princess) and then…..

Princess is all dressed up.
Is Princess going somewhere???

Princess goes to a show!

I took Princess to a horse show today at Albany horse expo center. She was not fazed very much by the big arena. She was a little nervous of all the people walking around her, but soon settled right in. She was yawning while we were waiting for our class to start. I took her in halter class. There were a lot of mares in our class and we didn’t expect to place against the Quarter horses and Paints. The horse in the picture with Princess won the class. Notice how Princess has bigger legs than that mare! That mare was twice as big as Princess.
Then we went in walk/trot novice horse. There were 22 horses in that class. WOW! (I am pictured two to the right of the grey horse in the picture). She did great. A little nervous of the crowd in the stands, but was just a trooper. Today was Princess' 10th ride!!!

Pictures from the show

Walk/trot class

waiting for our class

Halter class

Waiting for our class

Trail and Walk trot class

And then we did novice trail class. She really did great. She walked over polls, trotted through cones, over a bridge, did a 360 degree turn in a box and backed up. I was very pleased. She was pooped, so we took her home and let her out to pasture. What a good girl she is!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 30

We took Princess to the fairgrounds again yesterday. I can't believe it's day 30 already. She has come so far already, but we are 1/3 of the way there.
I cantered on Princess today! She did excellent. We had a little help from Dino running beside us.
I cantered her about 3 times, it was fun! She is so smooth to ride.
There were 10 other riders in the arena this time and she is really getting used to other people on horseback. She really watches everything going on around her. Sometimes when a horse comes cantering up from behind her, she gives a little start. You can almost hear her thinking, Oh, they're not after me.
Lisa got on her so I could watch her move. I kept feeling like I was tipping forward. Now I know why. Princess' butt is growing and it is about 2 inches taller than her withers. There is hope for my girl to grow some more!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Club get together

We had a great day today with our club get together. Everyone is doing so well with there EMM horses. We set up a trail coarse to play on. Princess was amazing. She walked over the tarp and over the log jamb with no hesitation. She did the bridge easily too!

In the group picture from left to right; Dawn Martin and her horse Faith, Kevin and Princess and Kim Ross and Autumn.

3rd Ride

I took Princess to the fairgrounds today. My students were there riding so it was nice for Princess to meet other horses. She smells noses with them, never puts her ears back and excepts them right away. I really like this about her, as mares can be very fussy around other horses.

I trimmed her front feet today before I rode her and she did very well. She never pulled her foot away from me once. I still can't pick up her back feet though.

She is still leary about going forward with other horses in the arena. When I am alone she walks out for me, but when others are there she freezes up. Tomorrow is the day we go and meet the other EMM trainers at Debbie's arena that are friends of ours from the Pacific Wild Horse Club. Should be FUN!! Princess had her first bath and did really well.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 26

I took Princess to the fairgrounds by herself. She was completely o.k. with that. I lunged her in the arena for awhile and then got on and rode her. I have been having problems making her go forward so I prompted her with a crop. I had a wonderful ride.Nobody else was there for the first hour. Then a group of 8 showed up, she locked up on me a little bit. She moved out a little, but was still leary of the others. We rode for about 2 hours, we did a lot of walking trotting and stopping.
Lisa made a very nice slideshow. You can view it by clicking on the link below.