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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Princess goes to a show!

I took Princess to a horse show today at Albany horse expo center. She was not fazed very much by the big arena. She was a little nervous of all the people walking around her, but soon settled right in. She was yawning while we were waiting for our class to start. I took her in halter class. There were a lot of mares in our class and we didn’t expect to place against the Quarter horses and Paints. The horse in the picture with Princess won the class. Notice how Princess has bigger legs than that mare! That mare was twice as big as Princess.
Then we went in walk/trot novice horse. There were 22 horses in that class. WOW! (I am pictured two to the right of the grey horse in the picture). She did great. A little nervous of the crowd in the stands, but was just a trooper. Today was Princess' 10th ride!!!


Andrea said...

Wow! You must be so proud. Great job! And what a great little horse!

froglander said...

Loved the video of her trotting around with all those other horses in the arena, she is doing awesome! She's a nice looking little horse, what do those judges know?