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Friday, January 16, 2009

Coming along nicely

Princess and I have been to the fairgrounds a couple of times this week. She is coming along nicely. I am starting to feel the pressure. I feel like I should be further along with her, but Lisa says I have made so much progress and that I should give it some more time. I say, "I am running out of time!"
Yesterday one of my students, (who is 13) rode Princess. She did really well with her. I wish we would have gotten a picture! Lisa rode her after that. She doesn't mind who rides her, she is so willing. I am real anxious to get her out on the trails. It is difficult when I work 5 days a week and it's dark when I get home.


stormyranch said...

Lisa and Kevin
The pictures are great and Princess looks like a pro in the show ring. I can't believe she is going to a show so soon. WOW !!!!!!! Kevin and you are doing a wonderful job with her. She looks so relax even being given a bath. I really appreciate you guys keeping me updated on her progresss. I m looking forward to seeing Kevin and Princess at the Expo in March. Hope to see you both soon.


Tracey said...

Kevin, do not get caught up in the pressure game! We've got tons of time left. You're way further ahead than I, and I plan on making the finals :) Last year taught me so much. I've never had to work under a 90 day deadline before, and now that I've been and seen, I'm not worried in the least.


Go to you tube and google the Western States Challenge, or the Midwest Challenge and you'll be able to watch what others did and start to feel a bit better about where you and Princess are. You're doing great!

froglander said...

I love watching your progress! Princess looks like an awesome little level headed mare who is going to do just great. And stop by my blog, I have a little something for you :)