This blog is about the gentling of wild Mustangs and their stages of training.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 30

We took Princess to the fairgrounds again yesterday. I can't believe it's day 30 already. She has come so far already, but we are 1/3 of the way there.
I cantered on Princess today! She did excellent. We had a little help from Dino running beside us.
I cantered her about 3 times, it was fun! She is so smooth to ride.
There were 10 other riders in the arena this time and she is really getting used to other people on horseback. She really watches everything going on around her. Sometimes when a horse comes cantering up from behind her, she gives a little start. You can almost hear her thinking, Oh, they're not after me.
Lisa got on her so I could watch her move. I kept feeling like I was tipping forward. Now I know why. Princess' butt is growing and it is about 2 inches taller than her withers. There is hope for my girl to grow some more!!!


Tracey said...

Woo Hoo! You're well on your way now :) She'll be a completely different horse when we see her in Albany...not just training wise, but body, too. Wonder if the guy with the 13.2 hand mustang has seen any growth? Maybe he'll get lucky...

Andrea said...

She's really coming along! Glad she's growing too.

gtyyup said...

All sounds great! Working her at the fairgrounds is really beneficial for you isn't it...she's getting exposure to so many things...and she accepted another rider already...that's great!

froglander said...

It's fun to watch your progress, she's such a cute lil mare :)