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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Picking up my mustang

Kevin’s blog written by his wife Lisa

We arrived in Burns on Friday to pick up our mustang. We got our paper work and found out that we were getting a 4 year old mare. We didn’t have to load out until Saturday, so we spent a couple of hours at the corrals checking out our horse and spending a little bit of time with her. We met some of the other trainers and spent some time visiting with them. Then a few of us went to dinner and spent some more time talking about horses.
Saturday morning we headed for the corrals to load our horse. She came into the chutes a little reluctantly. Wendy, the corral boss said she is a princess (strong willed). We will see. So for now we will call her Princess.

It will take us about 5 hours to get her home. It is a beautiful sunny day so it should be an enjoyable ride home.

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