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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another good ride!

We took Princess to the fairgrounds today. We also took Daunte and Dino. Daunte had never been there before. So first I Ponied Daunte behind Dino and then Princess. Then I got on Princess and Lisa got on Dino towing Daunte. Now Daunte is even more afraid of people on horse back than Princess is. So this was a very good trip for him too. We rode around at a walk for quite awhile then at the trot. Princess did great! A young boy came in to ride his horse. Princess and Daunte were quite interested in him, but when he would get too close they would try to hide behind Dino. They slowly got used to him. Then more people started showing up to ride. This was good as Princess needs all the exposure she can get. When the ladies starting cantering there horses I got off Princess so she wouldn't spook. I walked her and Daunte close to the ladies so they could get used to them. I then got back on Princess and our friend Debi P. got on Dino so Lisa could video our ride. I must have rode for over an hour and it was very pleasant. She is very responsive to the bosal. A rider came up behind us and she started to scoot away, but when I said whoa see stopped. I walked her for a bit more and called it good.

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Tracey said...

Sounds like she's coming along well, Kevin! Glad you've got Lisa there to tow you around when needed; it's always helpful to have that extra hand!