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Monday, December 29, 2008

I Rode Princess

I took Princess to our friend Debbie's place. She has an indoor arena. Her friend is training an EMM horse there, so we got to see her. The mare is cute and tall. 15.1 hands. I think she said. Princess is stilling loading in the trailer really nice, but is getting a little worked up while we are on the road.
There was a boy riding when we got there and Princess thought that was very scary. She is used to seeing me on Dino, but another horse with a rider on it was another matter. She tried to stay hidden behing Dino so the scary thing couldn't attack her. After about 30 minutes of towing her behind Dino I got on her and Lisa got on Dino. She followed right behind him. We walked around and around for quite a while. Then we starting trotting. She didn't mind having me on her back at all. She was so focused on the boy on that horse. He left after awhile, but soon came back with another horse. She was scared all over again, but not as bad this time. I walked her over a blue plastic tarp several times and played with the big giant horse ball. I put it on her back and she didn't mind that at all.
Thank you Debbie for letting us use your arena.

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Tracey said...

Isn't it funny the things that worry them? Of course, they've not had the best experiences with people on horseback, I suppose. Glad she managed to relax towards the end for you a bit, though!