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Friday, December 26, 2008

Finally got out!

I took Princess to the arena at the fairgrounds today. She walked in there like she's been there a hundred times. She wanted to roll in the nice tilled dirt (with the saddle on). I did a lot of ponying behind Dino, riding beside her, and messing with her saddle while I was on Dino. Tied Dino up and decided to hop on her. I had a little problem on the left side getting up, she was real nervous. I went to the right side and I hopped right up on her, threw my leg over her and sat down. She didn't even seem to care. I spent quite a while just getting on and off. Then I tried to get her to move. She backs real nice! I was on her back for over an hour. I did a lot of bending her head in both directions. Trying to get her to move her front end. I was trying to get her to go forward, but she just wouldn't go forward. I was by myself, so I couldn't get someone to ride Dino. A lot of it had to do with me. I really didn't want to push her too much in that big arena. I didn't feel as safe as I would in my round pen. But, I am sure if I would have had someone else there riding Dino she would have followed him with no problem with me on her back. All in all, it was very good. She got to trailer again, got to go to the big arena and she just took everything in stride. If the weather is good enough maybe she will see the beach this weekend.

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Tracey said... wouldn't have pushed it, either! Always safer to have someone around those first few times :)