This blog is about the gentling of wild Mustangs and their stages of training.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 12

We took Princess to the fairgrounds today. She is so brave! She didn't hardly spook at anything. I showed her the white plastic signs hanging on the rail and she just went to them and smelled them. Also she thought the white barrels used for barrel racing were very interesting. She smelled them for a long time. I then saddled her and ponied her behind Dino. We walked for awhile until she got the hang of it. Then we started trotting and she followed right along. Then I had Lisa step up in the stirrups on both sides and lay over her back. She shied away a few times, but like with everything that is new to her she excepts it the second time around.


Tracey said...

Oh! You can actually haul somewhere in this weather??? City Boy said he could get me where I want to go, but honestly I'm 'feared of pulling the trailer out there!

Princess looks like she's got a good mind and is handling it all quite well!

stormyranch said...

I don't mind driving in the snow, but i did stay home today only because Lisa took the four wheel drive and I did not want to drive the company pick up(really wanted day off).
Princess is doing so good she takes on everything I give her and wants more. My plans are to trailer to two other arenas this weekend and with luck be riding her by Sunday

gtyyup said...

She's amazing!! You're doing a great job with her. Enjoy watching the progress.

toucan said...

I never realized cantering on the wrong lead was so benificial to ponying horses.