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Friday, January 1, 2010

Santana's trip to the Chiropractor

Wednesday Santana had his visit with Dr. Gene the Chiropractor. Gene said that Santana had many issues that had been with him for a long time. He had a shoulder injury at one time that probably caused is body to be so out of whack. His spine was rotated and his neck, his pole, his shoulder and his hips were out. Gene said that Santana would be like a new horse in a couple of weeks and that I could start riding him on Saturday. He gave us some exercises to do for a couple of weeks. Santana was very good for Dr. Gene, but a couple of times he put is ears back when Gene would push him to get an adjustment, then when the adjustment was finished Santana would lick and chew, which means he was accepting it, and even liking how he felt.

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HBFG said...

Cool! I hope the changes will stick and he'll find back to his natural balance.
Good luck with your work!
Happy New Year too!