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Monday, January 11, 2010

News about Santana

Santana has not gotten any better since just after his chiropractic visit. It seemed to help for awhile. He was seen by a vet for his cough and she thought it was allergies. We are watering down his hay but it still hasn't helped. I have not been able to ride him without him being in pain. We are not sure what is wrong with him as it would cost a lot of money to get e-rays on his hip and shoulder. He will be seeing a vet this Saturday to try and determining if we can figure out were his pain is originating. He is such a sweetie and we would hate to send him back to the BLM corrals as he would then have a strike against him. Three strikes and you're out, means they have three chances to get adopted. I'm not sure what happens to them if they get three strikes.
We have been doing lots of ground work and in hand trail and he is farther ahead on this than I expected.


kwilliams said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for Santana. Davey had a cough and runny nose up until Friday and then it just went away. I have seen it a lot in horses that come in from the slaughter pen and usually chalk it up to stress. Their immune systems seem to get compromised by so many changes so fast but it tends to clear on its own. Hope he gets to feeling better soon.

HBFG said...

Well, I am not really surprised, I don't really believe in chiropractic. I believe that you cannot force any change in any body. And his body has probably had lots of time to compensate for his blockages. Now, when you take blockages away through force then It is always risky to not do more damage then good.
Especially when you are not careful and you take too many blockages away at one time or simply the "wrong" ones.
It's complicated.
I favor osteopathic methods which are softer and if executed correct, help the body make the changes themselves instead of forcing it into something it is not ready for.
Well, I could go on and on but that doesn't help you and Santana.
I really keep my fingers crossed for you and him, I realy hope he doesn't have to go back since he seems to be doing so well with you.

HBFG said...

Oh ja, I forgot... The running nose could be a "result" of the treatments that is not necessarily bad. Often the body reacts on a treatment with a "cleaning" like a cold or running nose... (happens also with humans)
Hope he's better soon.

Pony Girl said...

Interesting dilemma. I do think that after massage work, humans release toxins and if you don't get enough water, you can get "sick." Is he kept near a certain kind of shavings? Not sure why that would cause pain, but when my sister's mare was boarded for training, the barn used cedar shavings and her mare had a bad reaction. They thought it was a cold (stress induced, being put into a barn and training for the first time in her 9 years of life) but even in a horse trailer w/cedar shavings, she coughed awful. I can remember the yuckiness that came out of her. She still had chronic issues for about a year after the allergen was removed. I hope Santana's health can get back on track!

sanjeet said...

Their immune systems seem to get compromised by so many changes so fast but it tends to clear on its own
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