This blog is about the gentling of wild Mustangs and their stages of training.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Santana is coming along so nicely! He started eating grain on the second day and will do just about anything for a taste. He tends to have a attitude sometimes. He will put his ears back when he's tired of something, but never acts on it! I did sit on him several times today, but Lisa somehow didn't get a video of it. He doesn't care much if I get on him. He loaded in the trailer several times and led outside his pen. Every day he is a changed horse. He really needs a bath, he has some rain rot. Too bad it's so darn cold out, and Lisa won't let me bring him in the house for a shower! He is going to be a neat horse. He won't be anything like Princess. He is more business, she was more about being a PRINCESS. He has a williness to do things and takes it in stride and looks for what is next. He reminds me of a ropers horse!


stormyranch said...

Kevin, while we are delighted for your progress with Santana, we are quite green with envy here! You make it look so easy..... keep up the blog posts . Lil

stormyranch said...

Nice job with Santana - you can give him a nice warm water bath here - if it ever warms up.... brrrrr

Jade said...

I bet he would be glad to be gone from Burns, if he knew how cold it's been there the last few days. It is in the negative numbers... like -8. No thank you!