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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our trip to the Chiropractor

Lisa took Princess and Dino to the Chiropractor yesterday. We new Dino needed an adjustment, and we wanted Princess to have a check up to make sure she's in good shape for the competition.
Well, Princess went first. The Doc felt her face above her eyes and she pulled her head away. He said she was out in the jaw, that her jaw was offset. He then felt down her neck and she moved away from his hand when he got down her neck about half way to her shoulder. He said her neck was out. He then felt down her spine along her back, that was good, but when he got to her hip area off to the side and pressed down she squatted like a goat! He said her pelv/hip was out. He said the neck and jaw was compensating for the hip/pelv being out. So he went to her head first and did an adjustment. She stood for him and after the adjustment she looked at him and you could almost see her asking for more. She was like that all the way with all the adjustments. She really like the Doc and he really liked her.
Then it was Dino's turn. He had all the same problems as Princess, although he had to have his adjustment repeated a couple of times. He was fighting the adjustments some and you could just see the pain in his eyes. His pelv/hip was out, but also his stifle muscle was affected. The Doc did a lot of work on this area. The Doc uses a rope to pull there legs in different directions and Dino really fought it and tried to get away. The Doc said he really liked both of my horses and that Princess was just a great patient. He really liked Dino though!


Tracey said...

I've been wondering about having Steve Holt! in for an adjustment as well. We've got a new chiropractor at the vet's office, though, and part of me is afraid she'll make things worse instead of better =)

Or what if she makes things so much better that he finally gets to bucking??? LOL...

I'm anxious to hear how the adjustment changes things with Princess, or if there's any noticeable difference at all.

stormyranch said...

Tracey, Our doc adjusted several BLM mustangs and was curious what happens to them in the process of round up to adoption. You should get S.H. done. Our Doc said we would see marked improve in gaits, weight gain and a more pleasant attitude, if that's possible for Princess then WOW!

Tracey said...

Hmmm...sounds interesting. Maybe I'll give it a try. He tries so hard to do the right thing; maybe it'll improve his turning on his haunches...who knows?

And to make Princess more lovable, lol...Have you got a basket for her to sleep in once she moves into the house??