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Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Fun Day!

Today I took Princess for another play day with our mustang friends. We usually work on trail coarse, but today just did flat work. Princesses canter is coming a long really nicely. I would like to see her head a little lower and a little more relaxed, but it's coming along. Lisa said we looked great and that in a month she'll be a different horse!
The Pacific Wild horse Club will be doing a demonstrations a Expo with 8 horses!!! So they have practice for there routine every two weeks. Since all the horses couldn't make it for practice we used Princess as a stand in. There demo sas all the horses playing follow the leader at a trot. Princess just falls right it and trots like a pro. She like's following the other horses and doing what they are doing. Afterward when I rode her around she was completely relaxed and we had a nice finish to our ride doing rollbacks.

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Tracey said...

I wish you had a video of Princess playing follow the leader! She's just sounding more and more adorable all the time. Can't wait to see her up close and personal!